Our Services

Urban Solutions are a full service Property Development Consultancy.

We combine traditional Project Management services with a more rounded Client Representative role and have the ability to add value across the range of skill sets required to take a project from the initial feasibility phase to completion.

Our background in Commercial Property Development ensures we can bring the following skills to the project

  • Critical analysis of the existing proposed scheme with a view to maximising commercial values and efficiencies.
  • A proven track record of negotiating with neighbours and stakeholders to resolve any outstanding Planning issues as well as exploring potential for sharing services, utilities, easements, access points etc. where appropriate.
  • A proven track record of achieving successful Planning Permissions by positive engagement with the Planning Authorities in advance of submission.
  • A clear understanding of Cost / Benefit analysis and Value Engineering options.
  • A collaborative approach to working with Design Teams that ensures a high level of performance from all involved.

At Urban Solutions we strive to effectively take ownership of each project and drive it to a successful conclusion as if it were our own project.

We see this as a key point of difference between our practice and traditional Project Managers.

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